Socrates said that the unexamined life is not worth living and I believe writing provides us with such an opportunity to examine life. After this summer spent working with Prof.D, my relationship with writing has changed. My biggest takeaway lies in understanding that writing is not about having the smoothest sounding essay but curating thoughtful analyses that make one slow down, chew on, and reflect with a sense of purpose.

When I was in elementary school, I didn’t form a correct understanding of writing. At that time, writing was pretty much copying the sample essay and tweaking a few stories…

I wonder how many people have seen this ‘Lofi hip hop radio’ cover photo on Youtube
Here it is if you haven't checked it out yet — they have amazing Lofi beats played live 24/7

Now, I have always thought of music as the condiment to my dry, boring workload. More often than not I find myself more enjoyable while studying with music yet getting distracted by its lyrics and melody at the same time. After understanding the power of certain Hertz in wavelength when it comes to meditation, I want to explore how academic performance and cognition can be affected by music, and how we can ultimately use the tool of music to enhance learning.

Benefits of Studying with Music


2020 felt like a fiction movie, in which I woke up to the exact same daily routine over and over again.

For the past year and a half, my life revolves pretty much entirely around takeouts, video games, and occasional online classes. It is becoming more vividly ironic to me how I had always blamed things on not having enough time; yet when I am given all the time in the world, I struggle to implement any of my grand plans. As if I have been chained to my own thoughts, I cannot seem to take any steps towards real…

Whether it is the expectations I set for myself or the fear of underperforming in front of other people, I find myself constantly in a state of anxiety. To be fair, I spend most of my time at home alone — yet the twisted feeling in my stomach seems to be constantly seeking my attention.

yup, this is me with anxiety

I have sought medical help in the past, claiming that it is a neurological response that triggered minor acid reflux and heartburn; however, I believe there are many more aspects and factors to it. …

In order to further my research beyond the scope of ‘internet experts’, I hosted a series of virtual interviews with my friends; out of which I gained a tremendous amount of insight into the mental state of my seemingly productive peers. Below is a compilation of the interview highlights, enjoy. (in case the video doesn’t work)

Upon finishing solid conversations with them, I’ve decided to sit down and unpack my initial questions a bit deeper and jot down some interesting analyses. …

Whenever I experience moments of severe procrastination, I undergo extreme chaos in the mind; scrolling mindlessly on social media without turning into anything really. My brain has deviated from the work itself so much so that I am procrastinating my procrastination — I cannot focus on anything at all, not even the fun stuff!

Distractions from digital devices are the main cause of my procrastination, and it is also my main source of productivity. Ironic? I know. …

In my Post 1.3, I talked about an overarching guideline for my summer of 2021, this includes a ‘discipline checklist’ that I will follow to ensure I’m taking sizeable chunks of change at a time. Below is how I did in June.

Starting on June 14th, the due date for WP1, I made a list and executed most of the items. This continued for about two days until I pretty much fell back to my regular routine. Initially, what I thought would be a relatively easy list to follow (As long as do the tasks, no matter how long or…

In my recent researches regarding procrastination, I’ve found an interesting concept that I would like to share: an individual has a limited amount of willpower before he or she gets drained. Contrary to popular belief that discipline is something unilateral and universal that you either have a lot of or not so much of, an experiment conducted at Case Western University is here to uncover the myth regarding the ‘stamina’ of our wills.

Below is the link to the YouTube video I’ve watched that explains this concept with vivid visuals for those of you that are interested:

The Radish vs…

“Etymologically, “procrastination” is derived from the Latin verb procrastinare — to put off until tomorrow.”

My story — how it all began:

As someone who has been putting things off until the very last minute, I find the Latin definition of ‘until tomorrow’ a severe understatement. While I certainly am not proud of making such a claim, something about procrastination feels so good that I keep falling back to the same vicious cycle.

The very first signs of my severe procrastination surfaced around the same time that USC adopted remote learning in reaction to COVID-19. Prior to this switch, I had certainly pushed things off before but…

This post will be an overarching guide for my summer 2021 Writ-340. Below will include a specific breakdown for all my WPs, goals I’ve set for myself, and the ways I will be tracking progress. Let’s get into it!

Part 1: WP breakdowns

WP1: Essay on “Why do people procrastinate”, using my personal experiences as guide + scientific research to provide evidence (eg. our brain with instant vs. delayed gratification)

WP2: Podcast with friends on their struggles and combats with procrastination, seeking their specific examples and stories (Will possibly make a table/bar chart on different sources of distraction for display)

WP3: Utilizing analysis from…

Pinqiao 'Jerry' Li

usc'23 // Environmental Studies major & Risk Management minor

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